About Me

about me

My passion for wildlife photography comes from merging my life long hobbies of photography, camping, kayaking and hiking. All of my photos are wild subjects and I can proudly say, there are no captive animals in this collection of photographs.


When it comes to my photography, I believe it is  important to follow an ethics code that puts the welfare of my subject, as well as the environment, above my photography. I truly believe that the wildlife in my photo should never be compromised for the sake of the photograph! With that in mind, please enjoy my photos knowing that they were taken without interfering with the subject's routine or behavior.  

Young Bull Moose

Young bull moose grazing in a foggy field.

Loon with Chicks

Momma loon peacefully floating with chicks on her back.

Painted Bunting

Painted Bunting Sitting on Branch.

Atlantic Puffins

Two beautiful atlantic puffins photographed in front of a cavern on Machias Seal Island in Maine.

Harbor Seal

Curious harbor seal.

Fox Kit

Young fox kit blazing a new path.

Snowy Owl

A snowy owl resting on a log in between hunts.

Black Bear Mom and Cub

Momma bear keeping a very close eye on her cub.

Great Horned Owl

Mom and baby great horned owl in nest.


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